I am a 40 something year old wife of 20+ years and mom of 2 amazing young adult children. I grew up with a mom who was extremely talented. She was so creative and could just about do anything crafty under the moon. I never thought of myself to have any kind of artisticness to me. In my early 20’s I started cross stitching. I loved it and has such a passion for it. I have stitched many things but because I followed a pattern, I still did not really consider myself as being creative or artsy though. Due to my eye sight and some other health issues that cause lots of shoulder and neck pain, cross stitching became a chore and very un-enjoyable. I had to find something to do with my hands … I needed a hobby.

In June of 2018 my mom was killed in a car accident and then 10 months later in 2019 my father passed from a heart attack. I was depressed and in desperate need to find a way to express my self. I seen a post on Facebook of an abstract painting that reached out and touched me like no other painting ever has. I felt what the artist was portraying in that painting without having a clue what she was portraying. I found out that the artist has lost her mom earlier in the year and a couple months later, her step dad passed. The piece that has touched me so, what called, “I Can’t Take It No More”. I expressed how much I loved the piece and the artist sent it to me. After receiving it, I held it and felt it and just simply stared and studied it. Then the thought came to me . . . . maybe I could paint too!!

So, that is when my wonderful journey into the world of painting began. I got some of the basics and went for it. I couldn’t believe that I actually liked some of the stuff I was creating. Now, it is part of me and I start to crave it when I do not have a chance to paint in a few days.

Enjoy your visit here!! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and visit my site!!!